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Hello and Please Note!!!!

Willow Wood Cottage (Donnalee and Michelle) has moved to a new location.  We now have a new name for our new space.


Sunshine Project PDX

Donnalee Baudry, LAc, MAcOM

Sunshine Project PDX is dedicated to shining a healing light into all those dark little spaces that are contracted and restricted.   We work to create a balance with the mind, heart and body.  Our unique approach is based on the understanding that each patient is an individual whose overall health and wellness is affected by specific lifestyle choices including diet, habits, emotions, attitude and environment. We don't judge, we don't place limits and we aim to evolve.


The pure intent is to provide tender loving care to each and every individual through mindful assessment, compassionate care, and respectful integration with allopathic medicine.  Let's take a walk on the sunny side together.


Techniques and Modalities

Acupuncture (Needle, Fiberoptic Laser, Sound and Electro)

Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Magnetic Field Therapy



Cultivate Balance

Each acupuncture session is tailored for you in your present moment to assist and remind your body to harmonize and balance.  
Acupuncture addresses physical and emotional dissonance in a gentle, effective and sustaining way.

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